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“Great, quick workout with positive results. Staff is attentive and very supportive. Facility is light, bright and very clean.” – Sarah N.

“I am extremely satisfied with my current results. I have only received 6 treatments in 2 weeks, and have lost 6 pounds. I have only had to make small changes in my daily routine. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks…” – H. Gayle M.



“My wife and I have found something that we can both do which has brought us closer together. And we both love the fact that the results we are seeing are on the scale and in our cloths, with just a 30 minute session!! I advise this to my friends and family because I have used it and see positive results.” – Tristan G.

“I highly recommend hypoxi studio. 30 minutes a day will keep those love handles away!! I would also like to add that the staff is great! I absolutely adore them, very sweet people, and very informative. they know what their talking about!” – C. Aquino

I feel better already – I already felt better after my very first session. I have bad knees so normally I am sore and achy in the mornings and certainly after any kind of physical activity. But the next morning after my first Hypoxi session I could already feel a difference. My knees didn’t bother me and I wasn’t sore. I woke up feeling very refreshed. ” – MaryLou

“Caroline really goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and she really does a great job explaining the whole process. I have to say, Hypoxi is the real deal when it comes to anti-cellulite treatments.”- Lindsey

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