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Hypoxi Therapy

hypoxitherapyEven with exercise and intense diet, a beautiful figure cannot always be achieved. This is because your body only burns fat which it can easily access. It will not burn fat in areas where circulation is poor. Diet and exercise do not always combat cellulite either. It is established that weight loss and muscle building do not necessarily improve the texture of your skin. In order to shape your figure and smooth your skin, problematic areas of your body need to be targeted.

  • This is exactly how HYPOXI Therapy works – it concentrates on your problem areas during an easy cardio training program.
  • The recognized and patented HYPOXI Method created by Dr. Egger is a unique therapy proven to combat cellulite, stubborn fat deposits and poor connective tissue.
  • HYPOXI Therapy has been consistently shown to yield amazing results after just a few sessions.
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